What is Jet Rodding and Why Is It Good for My Drains?

Got A Blocked Drain? Here’s Why Jet Rodding is The Answer

Have you got a blocked or slow draining drain? It’s a common occurrence for homeowners and business owners across Brisbane. Grease, fat, silt, food debris and even tree roots can invade pipes and plumbing systems, causing clogged lines and eventually total blockages.

While it’s possible to dislodge some pesky obstructions yourself, jet rodding is the king of drain cleaning solutions. Jet rodding involves the cleaning of your pipes and drains by use of high pressure water. Due to its extreme 500psi force, it can literally cut through any tough blockage. Here are the benefits of using jet rodding over other drain cleaning methods.

Effective but Gentle on Drainage Systems

Jet rodding is extremely effective and powerful, being able to dislodge any obstructions. While it is a powerful method, it’s also a lot gentler on drainage systems than the older electric eel system. Other methods can leave a residue on the pipe, which eventually builds up to add to an obstruction. This will never happen with jet rodding.

Cost Effective with Long Lasting Results

While jet rodding may seem more expensive up-front than older methods, because it results in longer lasting results, it is much more cost effective. After having your drainage system jet rodded, you will eliminate the need to call out a plumber again anytime soon.

Environmentally Friendly

While you may think hydro jetting uses a lot of water and that can’t be good for the environment? Other methods involving harsh chemicals and ripping up the ground are definitely not great for the environment. Hydro jetting is safe for homes, the inhabitants and there is no risk of nasty chemicals leaking into local waterways.

Great for Commercial and Residential Plumbing Issues

Hydro jetting is a versatile drain cleaning and drain unblocking method used for commercial and residential properties. It can handle simple sludge and grease build-ups in home drains or larger jobs like tree roots blocking a factory sewer line.

Preventative Maintenance Saving You Money

In addition to unblocking your drains, jet rodding thoroughly cleans out your plumbing system. Having this done on a regular basis will help to prevent future build ups and problems. It’s also recommended to have jet rodding when moving into a new home or business premises to prevent future disasters. Prevention is better than cure and you will save money having your drains jet rodded frequently, rather than waiting for a major blockage.

It’s a Sanitary Cleaning Method

With older drain cleaning methods, there was potential for sewage to come into contact with the plumber, the home and the surrounding environment. The speed and effectiveness of jet rodding means less spills, less mess and a happier healthier home.