How Do I Keep My Drains Clear and Unclogged?

5 Simple Tips to Stop Your Drains Backing Up

A clogged drain is not only and inconvenience, it creates highly unsanitary conditions. When sewage starts to back up through your drains, into your sinks or into your toilet, you may even have to stop using them.

Some minor clogs can be dealt with yourself using DIY methods. But, some may need the assistance of a qualified plumber to investigate what’s causing the problem. Professional plumbers will do a CCTV drain inspection to take the guess work out of what is causing your blockage. Once the problem is established, they can use high pressure jet rodding to clear the obstruction quickly and safely. Here’s 5 simple tips to stop your drains backing up.

Never Flush Anything Apart from Toilet Paper

A major culprit of blockages is from random objects getting thrown down the toilet. Anything other than toilet paper risks getting stuck in the plumbing system, causing everything to back up. Do not flush sanitary products, non-flushable wet wipes, nappies, paper towels or any other objects.

Use a Sink Plughole Strainer to Catch Debris

Hair and food debris is another common cause of pipe and drain blockages. While these will initially flow down the plughole. Over time these particles build up and get stuck together completely blocking pipes. Get a cheap sink plughole strainer which will catch debris, so you can throw it in the bin.

Compost Your Food Scraps

It’s easy to let food scraps fall into the sink after dinner. But these scraps, often don’t break down well and will build up. If you have a compost bin, throw your food scraps in here and re-use them as fertiliser. If not, the second best option is to put scraps in the garbage.

Don’t Pour Grease or Fat Down the Sink

After frying or using cooking oils, do not throw the remnants down the sink. Try re-using as much you can and for the rest, pour it into a container where it will solidify. This can then be thrown out safely. Grease that goes down the sink will just build up with other debris, causing a sticky blockage.

Catch Hair with a Beard Trimming Mat

While hair from beard trimming may seem really small. These hairs often come out in bulk and can often build up quickly in pipes if left. Specialty beard trimming mats can be bought, which stick to the mirror by suction cups and drape over the sink or counter area. Shaved hair catches on the mat, which can be disposed of in a waste paper bin.

What to Do If You Do Get a Blocked Drain?

If your sink and drains have shown signs of clogging, you can try some DIY methods yourself. Try pouring boiling hot water down the sink multiple times and leave. Another method is to pour a small amount of baking soda into the blocked drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Leave it to fizz and loosen the obstruction and then flush with hot water.

If neither of these methods help, call in your local expert plumber for a CCTV drain camera inspection. Bell Plumbing are experts atfinding the cause of blockages and dispersing blockages through jet rodding.