Drain Maintenance and Unblocking with Jet Rodding in North Brisbane

Leaking Pipe

The best way to ensure your drains stay effective, is to have a technician provide regular maintenance. Drains are continually in use with grease, silt, fat deposits, scale and tree roots clogging up the pipe walls over time. These need to be removed to keep your drains working efficiently and decrease the chances of a blockage occurring.


Jet Rodding To Clear Any Blockage

Super-efficient, versatile and powerful, jet rodding is the best way to clear out obstructions in your drainage system.

Due to its high pressure 500psi force, jet rodding will cut through any blockage, including tree roots. Even though it produces a great force, it’s actually gentler on drainage and piping than the electric eel system.

Jet rodding is the process of using high pressured streams of water to flush out blocked pipes and drains. A jet rodder can be fitted with multiple types of nozzles depending on the job ahead. The powerful front jet clears blockages while side jets push the hose forwards. There really is no better way to clear out a stubbornly backed up drain. Bell Plumbing are experts in sourcing what is blocking a drain and clearing it out effectively. Call us for professional, speedy drain unblocking and drain maintenance.

Get Your Drains Inspected Regularly

Drain health will vary from house to house depending on the age of the house and how many people live in the house.

If you have a lot of people in a house, more debris is likely to build up in the kitchen and bathroom sinks e.g.; hair and food waste.

Speak to us about how often you need inspections or regular maintenance as all drains have their own individual requirements.

How To Prevent Drain Blockages

Taking steps to prevent blockages, will save you money and headaches in the future. Well maintained drains will take less time to upkeep and last longer.

  • Brush excess food from your plate into the bin so it doesn’t get thrown down the sink
  • Remove excess hair from the bathroom plughole
  • Install a lint catcher on your washing machine
  • Use a bacterial drain cleaner frequently
  • Collect grease don’t dump it down the sink
  • Don’t throw personal products like sanitary items, wet wipes and cotton buds down the toilet
  • Get a regular inspection of your drains, at least once every two years!

For a regular inspection or help unclogging a drain at your property, give Bell Plumbing, Brisbanes best plumbers a call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 07 3354 3300.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does jet rodding clear a blocked drain?

Jet rodding utilises high-pressure water blasting to effectively clear blockages from drains and sewer pipes. This powerful method not only removes existing obstructions but also helps prevent build-up in older drains and pipes, ensuring optimal flow.

Is jet rodding always used to clear drains?

While we offer a range of methods to address various causes and locations of blockages, jet rodding with high-pressure water is often the preferred and most cost-effective solution. Our experienced plumbers will assess the situation and determine the best approach, ensuring a prompt resolution to most blocked drains.

Are there any benefits of regular jet rodding maintenance?

Absolutely! Regular drain inspections and jet rodding can help keep your drains and sewer pipes in optimal condition. By proactively removing build-up and debris, you can prevent future blockages, reduce the risk of costly repairs, and extend the lifespan of your plumbing infrastructure. We recommend an inspection at least once every 2 years as part of a proactive maintenance plan.