Blocked Drains and Unblocking Sewage Drains in Brisbane North

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Based in North Brisbane, Bell Plumbing is highly regarded around town for their quality drain cleaning and unblocking service.

If you have a blocked drain in Brisbane, our qualified and experienced plumbers will be able to solve the issue quickly, efficiently and with a smile.

Quick Response Drainage Services in Brisbane

The task of having to unblock blocked drains in Brisbane isn’t generally something people would find appealing or even remotely interesting.

However, for experienced plumbers like us, this kind of thing is our passion! That means we keep up to date with all the latest equipment and sewer and hydro jet drain cleaning techniques to ensure you receive only the very best service possible.

We know just how frustrating and debilitating to your day a blocked drain can be, and that’s why we are 100% committed to ensuring your satisfaction by solving the problem in a timely, professional and friendly manner.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

With the aid of CCTV drain camera inspections it takes the guess work out by providing visual evidence for the cause of blockages or problems within the drainage system.

It can also detect the early warning signs of cracked drains and general deterioration of pipes. As this is an extra service an additional fee will be required, although please note that we would only advise a CCTV camera inspection if it’s deemed absolutely necessary.

Once we have established the problem, we can then provide you with a solution to clear blockages, repair defects and replace broken pipework. The high-powered hydro jet drain cleaning equipment we use is a versatile, efficient and highly effective method for clearing all types of blockages.

Experienced, Passionate and Dedicated plumbers

From the very north to the very south of Brisbane, we’ve got you covered 24/7.

Our team of dedicated staff work around the clock to ensure that regardless of what time you need our services, we’ll be there for you.

Additionally, we’ll never charge anything extra for late night call-outs, as we offer a unique flat-rate for our services regardless what time or day you call. Our expert plumbers will also keep you fully informed if there is any extra work that needs carrying out, so you’ll never get hit with hidden charges.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Bell Plumbing have got you covered

So whether you need to unblock excess sewage, stormwater or anything else for that matter, be sure to give Bell Plumbing a call to see how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blocked Drains

How can I unblock my outdoor drain?

First, check for blockages in other areas of your property. If it’s a simple blockage like a kitchen sink, try using a plunger. For more complex issues or multiple blockages, call our expert plumbers as we have the necessary equipment and expertise to effectively clear the blockage.

Who should I contact for a blocked public drain?

Report blocked public drains or stormwater systems to the Brisbane City Council at 07 3403 8888. For issues related to water and sewer services up to your property, contact us.

When should I call a plumber for a drain unblock?

If you can’t clear a sewer drain or stormwater blockage on your own, it’s time to call a professional plumber. We have the expertise and equipment to tackle the problem effectively. Persistent blockages may indicate underlying issues like broken pipes or tree roots, which can then be identified and addressed.