7 Tips to Maintain Your Plumbing System

With the increase of new kitchen appliances and the amount of people co-habiting in shared houses, todays plumbing systems are being pushed to the limits. Plumbing systems are complex and with so much strain on them, it’s very easy for them to fail frequently. Common problems are blocked drains and hot water system failures.

Because this is the case, you need to be extra organised and have in place a frequent plumbing checklist. It may take a little time out of your day, but it’ll help avert costly breakdowns in the future.

Methods To Remove Rust Stains

  • Clean sink drains regularly. Food debris in the kitchen and hair in the bathroom sink are the biggest culprits of blocked drains/pipes. Use a drain cleaner regularly to break up any clogged up pieces and tip food waste into the bin.
  • Check for leaks. Small leaks left unchecked can turn into something bigger if not dealt with. Check pipes underneath the sink, around the faucet and for any escaping water at the base of the toilet. Also do a visual check around the room for any stains on the ceiling or walls which could point to a leakage.

  • Check water pressure in the taps and shower. If it’s coming out slowly this could mean a blockage somewhere. Also is water draining away slowly? This could point to a blockage caused by food, hair or even grease build-up.
  • Test out your toilet flush. If the toilet water is constantly running or hardly has any pressure in the flush, this could point to wear and tear in some of the toilet parts.
  • Check out your septic system for debris build up. If left un-checked, this could cause more problems down the line. Tree roots can be a major cause of sewer line blockage, so this needs to be thought about to prevent damage to your systems if you have trees in range.
  • Inspect your hot water system. Check that the system is not under excess stress due to inflated pressure and check the temperature of the water.
  • Test your tap water taste and colouring. If there is discolouring or debris in your water, there could be rust in your pipes or water tank.

If you find any wear and tear or problems in your plumbing system and need help with repairs, the experienced guys at Bell Plumbing are on hand 24/7 to help you out. Give them a call on 07 3354 3300 for all your plumbing needs.